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A safari is an unforgettable experience. If your trip is to Africa, the nature of the savannah is an must for unforgettable memories.

The term safari refers to a naturalistic excursion through parks or reserves with the aim of spotting wildlife, especially in eastern and southern Africa; it is also called a photographic safari or photosafarito distinguish it from a hunting expedition.

African parks cover very large extensions of the country (e.g. the Serengeti plain) and travelling to and through them often become a real “(long) journey”, which is the original Swahili meaning of the word safari.

It is a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone travelling to Kenya.

The staff is fantastic and super helpful, great food. The tents are very clean, with a private bathroom and all the necessary comforts; and safe, also thanks to the Masai who control the area at night.


We stopped here for lunch during the Tsavo safari. What to say: VERY GOOD! Despite being run by locals?, we Hate really well, in Kenya they use a lot of buffets in restaurants and hotels, while here we were served.